Prayer List

Comment below if you would like to add a person to the prayer list.

Or you can email Father Karl at

People who need extra prayers

  • Lucille Wirth
  • Wilma Kerwin
  • Marilyn Jermain
  • Archie Thomas
  • Marie Schwebach
  • Nancy Manring
  • Ken Burget
  • Rita Strueby
  • Dana Stewart
  • Robby Kaster
  • Marvin Snead
  • Norma McClure
  • Byron Duke
  • Mary Wilmes
  • Larry Johnson
  • Barbara Ballard
  • Norma Hughes
  • Jeannie Fletchall
  • Jim Woods
  • Kevin Tobin
  • Nicole Burlson
  • Lillian Cummins Graham
  • Martena Swinford
  • Taylor Wallace
  • Ed Buhman

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